The "Buzz Lightyear Syndrome"

Notice the position of the knees in relation to the position of the ankles.  They are on the same horizontal plane.  The time that has been wasted up to this point could have been better spent.  This positioning movement was not necessary.

This is what we refer to as "falling with style", the Buzz Lightyear Syndrome. Many swimmers have learned this nasty habit of leaning forward and letting their knees fall down level with their ankles before jumping.  In the following photo, we see the arms coming up.  However, the problem is the arms are leading the way out first, then up, rather than up first and then out.

Why do so many swimmer's have this nasty habit of leaning while there knees are falling?  For many it is part of the mechanics of jumping.  The squatting motion is necessary, but leaning forward and lowering the knees is actually counterproductive!