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The PowerStarts Technique Puts You Ahead of the Pack

Get a JUMP on the Competition

Watch lane #2 make the investment in height and distance in his jump.  He is taking advantage of the power from gravity.  He does not go deep on his entry, however he is the last one to surface. All the other swimmers have taken as many as five or more strokes before he surfaces out in front by a full body length as a result of the Magic Surge, Stage 8.

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Get FAST Results

Recently, at a seniors invitational swim meet, we set-up with the PowerStart Training System in one of the warm-up lanes.  Two swimmers were in the next lane, getting ready to warm up for their event which was just a few minutes later.  They asked Kerry what this thing did.

He told them that if they tried the PowerStart device that they had to at least give it three tries because the first two tries don't count.  The first two times the mind is confused as to what to expect and what it's body can accomplish.

Sure enough both of these swimmers felt awkward for the first two dives.  In fact their comments were that they did not think that they could jump high enough to clear the height hurdle and felt that they would knock off the distance hurdle.  Their first jump, both of the swimmers were surprised that they easily cleared both the height and the distance barriers.  Both of these swimmers had a track-start and used their arms to pull themselves forward with their hands grabbing the front of the platform pulling them down to the water quickly.

For their second jump, the height hurdle was in the same easy position, but the distance hurdle was adjusted out a little further since they cleared it so easily the first time.  The second jump they both cleared the hurdles easily.

For the third jump the height hurdle was raised.  The second swimmer decided that he needed to stop at that point and go warm-up for his event.  The first swimmer gave it two more tries and went to his warm-up lane.  A few minutes later they were back after their event to warm-down.  The first swimmer enthused that it really worked.  He said that he hadn't been swimming for over a year, and this was his first competition.  He said that he had a full body length lead for the first time ever and knocked-off a full second off his finish time.

The first swimmer said he has never beat his friend in starts before.  After their warm-down, both swimmers came back and practiced a couple of more starts using the PowerStartsTM Training SystemTM.  The second swimmer, who had left earlier than the first, confirmed that his friend had never before beaten him in starts or even in a race.  But just now his friend was a full body length ahead of him and he had not been able to catch up to him.

The PowerStartsTM Training SystemTM

Practiced long enough, a bad start becomes almost immune to change the conventional way.  Not so with the PowerStarts(R) Training SystemTM.  With the PowerStarts(R) Training SystemTM, the swimmer sees and feels the results of improper execution.  The swimmer is challenged to change immediately.

Within three dives using the PowerStarts(R) Training SystemTM, the body is making extensive corrections.  Corrections powerful enough to break that cycle because they're disguised.  Different enough from your normal motion that your muscle doesn't "recognize" the movement and try to do it in the same old way.  You practice new skills on a neuromuscular "blank slate," without having to erase anything first.

Using conventional methods coaches can only teach "bite-size" skills. Because the whole start technique is made up of so many finely coordinated parts, it's impossible to teach or describe the whole thing without making a huge investment in time. You can't concentrate on and improve it all at once using conventional methods. Not so with the PowerStarts
(R) Training SystemTM.

The PowerStarts(R) Training SystemTMautomatically assembles the building blocks of the many finely coordinated parts of the start technique into a new more efficient start.

It's no longer trial-and-error.  It's trial-and-success!