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"Races are won and lost at the start ... Learn to WIN!"

We try to get off to a good start in everything we do.  Because we know that if we don't, we're forced to play catch-up; we're left operating at a disadvantage.  The same is true in swimming.  A bad start can cost seconds, or the whole race.  Yet even a "fast" start isn't necessarily a "good" start.

PowerStarts has developed a start-dive technique that will take time off of almost any swimmer's races.  The PowerStarts Start-Dive Training SystemTM takes maximum advantage of physics, biomechanics, kinesiology, ballistics, and hydrodynamics, yet is taught in a fun and simple manner such that the swimmer need not understand any of the "-ics" and "-ologies" to enjoy the full benefit of the techniques.

We are also developing a range of products, such as starting blocks and training systems, focused around the swim start to help support the world of Swimming in the pursuit of ever better performance.


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Our Mission

To advance the entire sport of Swimming by defining, improving and refining racing-start techniques for competitive swimmers of all ages, all athletic abilities and all levels of competition.  To provide state-of-the-art resources, tools, and training for swimmers and coaches.  And to become the standard start-dive technique and training system for the elite swim teams of the world.


About PowerStarts

PowerStarts is based in Southern California, developing products, techniques and clinics to bring the PowerStarts Training SystemTM to swim clubs and teams around the world.

Mr. Kerry MacKelvey serves as President, Technology Director and Head Coach.  Mr. MacKelvey has been a competitive athlete in a variety of sports.  He has invested eight  years studying swim-start techniques and consulting with some of the most successful coaches and prominent biomechanists in the country.   He has utilized empirical methods to develop and perfect the PowerStarts TechniqueTM.

Mr. Eric E. Duckering serves as Director of Marketing and Chief Engineer.   Mr. Duckering has a wealth of experience as a competitive athlete that is directly applicable to the PowerStarts Training SystemTM.  He also brings a broad background in aerospace engineering and advanced materials to our product development team.



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