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50 Key Components

There are at lest 50 observations that a coach should consider for effective techniques in competitive-swimming racing-starts.

Our Head Coach points out that there are at least 50 things that a coach should be looking for in a swimmer's start.  Yet the entire start occurs of this happens in less than three seconds. There is no way a coach can address all of these 50 Components at once.

It is not possible for a coach to address all of these Components at once.

Computers have been a great asset to the coach studying starts but the message of the most efficient-technique is tough to get across to the swimmer. Even with the aid of high-tech media, such as digital video-taping and computer capture of photos.

The coach knows what he wants to see but just explaining or verbalizing with words or pictures does not always get through to the swimmer. What the learner's mind perceives and what the body's muscles accomplish are often quite different than what the coach had in mind. Thus the need for a device such as the patented PowerStartsTM Training SystemTM.


The PowerStartsTM Training SystemTM is essential to developing starts, they vary the workout, they present new challenges and provide immediate feedback.

If you want to improve your start, you need a coach that has the facts and knowledge about the most efficient starting skills and techniques. Knowledge is critical in the early stages of muscle motor skill learning. (see 50 Secrets)


"Those who excel at the basic start techniques have the necessary building blocks for success.  The time to establish the basic building blocks is now.  Tomorrow's advancements are made today."

Coach Leonard reminds us, "....recognize that everything is simply information, and it can ALL be useful." "No one idea, no one coaching method, no one mechanic principle is 'the tool' for everyone."

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