Technique Comparison - PowerStartTM vs. "Flat" Start

The following seven photos illustrate the advantage of the PowerStarts height technique for the start over a more typical "flat" start dive.  Both swimmers are using the two-footed jump start.  This approach takes full advantage of the PowerStartsTM TechniqueTM.  Notice that the end result of the start in this case is that the PowerStartsTM TechniqueTM used in Lane 1 puts the swimmer MUCH farther ahead of Lane 2 than in the case where both were using the Track Start.

Photo 1 Lane 1 (closest to us on the left side of the page) is making the investment in height while Lane 2 is taking the shortest path straight for the water.
Photo 2

The hands of the swimmer in Lane 1 are leading the way up and out.

While Lane 2 is bending at the knees to jump down and out.


Photo 3

We can clearly see the difference in the height and good streamline of the swimmer in Lane 1.

Lane 1 has already jumped up while Lane 2 has been positioning herself to get ready to jump down and out.

Photo 4 Good streamline by the swimmer in Lane 1.
Photo 5

Notice the angle of entry of the two swimmers.

The swimmer in Lane 2 is slowing down from the drag created by the angle of entry.

While the swimmer in Lane 1 is like a spear cutting a small hole through the water with her hands leading the way.

Photo 6 Lane 2 tears the entry hole back, creating additional drag.

Lane 1 has the rest of the body following through the same hole created by the hands as the hands begin to steer up out of the dive and the back arches so that she does not go deep. (Please see our Safety Page).

Photo 7

The swimmer in Lane #1 is about four feet ahead of the swimmer in Lane #2.

(You can barely see the heal of the swimmer in the first lane. The bottom of her foot is next to the pool deck by the black line on the bottom of the pool.)


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