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Buzz Lightyear Syndrome


The angle created at takeoff between the ankle position and the position of the knees guides the body upwards and out at the angle thus defined.


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Photo Clinic 3


The aiming device for the optimum projectile angle is the eye hand coordination.  This is one of the reasons why it is important to get the arms up quickly pointing the way up and out as though aiming up towards the backstroke flags.


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Technique Comparison - PowerStarts

Technique Comparison - Track Starts


A pause during the squatting (the backswing of the vertical jump) is much like a pause during the backswing in golf or baseball.  An excessively slow tempo in squatting or stretching the elastic muscles as we see from the track-start technique allows potential energy to be squandered.


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Stage 5 of a Powerful Start

Practice is as Practice does!


The track-start technique is not as desirable or powerful a starting technique as the two-legged start technique, because it induces asymmetric muscular contraction and causes and eccentricity in the thrust vector.


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Stage 5 of a Powerful Start


One of the important aspects of power generation is symmetric muscular contraction.  If the athlete begins to "tilt" to either the left or the right, some muscles will be compressed and others lengthened.  Not only is power production sacrificed, the dive entry will also either hook or slice.


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Backstroke Starts Similar Principles

The Power Comes From Gravity

Gravitational Potential Energy


We travel three to ten times faster in the air than in the water.  The value adopted internationally for gravitational acceleration is 9.806 meters per second per second (9.806 m/s2).  Actual diving air speed is three-to-four meters per second. Water speed is only approximately one-to-two meters per second.


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The Importance of a Powerful Start in Competitive Swimming


Activities in racing start skills can be quickly improved and with substantial impact in knocking-down a swimmer's race times.


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The Importance of a Powerful Start in Competitive Swimming


It is not so much who gets to the water first that wins the start.  It's the momentum that is created and the path of least resistance to the momentum that wins at 15 meters.


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The Importance of a Powerful Start in Competitive Swimming


If swimmers set their sights on being the most skilled in starts, their national status would be affected in a very noticeable fashion.


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The Magic of the PowerStarts System

Master Any Start Technique


The PowerStarts Start-Dive Training SystemTM feeds the mind and body with new stimuli and enables swimmers to quickly master complicated movements no matter what athletic abilities the swimmer brings with them.