PowerStarts Secret #11 

Stage 3 of a Powerful Start

Gravitational Potential Energy

Buzz Lightyear Syndrome

Eliminate the Leaning

The "Leaning Tree" syndrome


Use the legs to jump up!  Eliminate the cosmetic movement of the knees falling down. Many swimmers have a bad habit of letting their knees descend towards the water before jumping.  Don't allow the knees to become horizontal with the ankles, use the legs to jump up right away.  If the knees are horizontal with the ankles before jumping from the starting platform there can be no height from the thrust of the legs.


 PowerStarts Secret #12 

Efficient Start Techniques


Track-start technique or double leg technique?  "Let's see what you prefer after trying a quick vertical jump test."


 PowerStarts Secret #13 

Stage 2 of a Powerful Start

The Bionic Swimmer


Imagine that you can grab the backstroke flags that are above you as you leap up and stretch out with your hands.


 PowerStarts Secret #14 

The Upper Body Pulls the Lower Body

Stage 4 of a Powerful Start

The secret is to reach up-and-out with the arms.  Don't let the arms point down at the water until just before entry.  Reach out in front as far as possible with the arms stretched out leading the way. The longer the stretch the more the weight of the body will come forward and will cause your seesaw to tilt at the proper time for the correct angle of entry into the water.


 PowerStarts Secret #15 

Kinetic Energy During Take-Off

The Upper Body Pulls the Lower Body


The importance of the upper body leading the way which pulls the lower body. The arms must accelerate leading the way, instead of the head being pushed by the lower body.


 PowerStarts Secret #16 

Gravitational Potential Energy

Kinetic Energy During Take-Off


The body uses kinetic energy to energize the vertical jump.  This energy is first generated in the movements of the upper body as the head and arms are raised and should also be generated in the lower body as a squatting motion begins while the arms are rapidly rising to the streamline position.


 PowerStarts Secret #17 

Push the Energy, Pull the Body

Kinetic Energy During Take-Off

Photo Clinic Stage 3


In a similar way, the accelerated motion of the arms reaching up-and-out sends a wave of motion from your ("thick") forearm, to your ('thin") finger tips. When the wave reaches the finger tips, they are moving at tremendous speed.


 PowerStarts Secret #18 

The Importance of Streamlining

Technique Comparison


Gliding further when you start with superior momentum will allow you fly farther over the pool and to take fewer strokes once you hit the water.


 PowerStarts Secret #19 

The Importance of Streamlining

PowerStarts Incredible Results


Gliding a long distance from a start takes less energy than gliding a short distance and swimming the rest of the way.


 PowerStarts Secret #20 

The Importance of Streamlining

The Importance of a Powerful Start in Competitive Swimming


You will move faster through the water after your start than any time during the race. Extending the length of the start distance traveled in the air and water translates to faster finish times.